The reports show that Tamanna’s dishonor towards her commitment to the dates for the films have become an issue for the producers in the Tollywood industry. With the actress denying all the rumors surrounding her, Tamanna’s father has announced that everything will be back in place within a weeks time and all the wrong rumors will be subsided. He also added that Tamanna’s professional ethics will always keep her committed to the dates.

Meanwhile, it is also said that the Bollywood industry has set eyes upon her and have approached her for two productions, one with Ajay Devgan and the other with Ranbir Kapoor as the leads. With Vengai being her last movie in Kollywood where she played the female lead role opposite Dhanush, Tamanna said that she is looking forward for more movies in Tamil and assured she would also sign one soon. “I became popular only because of Tamil and Telugu movies. So there is no question of bidding adieu to Kollywood,” she added.