Maatran’s audio launch event went successfully in Singapore yesterday. Many celebrities graced the even, including Suriya, Karthi, actor Sivakumar and his wife, Harris Jayaraj and family, Hari, Thamarai, Gautham Menon, KV Anand, Lingusamy, AL Vijay and Peter Hein. Another teaser was released yesterday along with the audio release.

KV Anand’s sense of humor has made him mock at himself. At the end of this second teaser, they show a scene where the two Suriya’s and Kajal are watching the movie Ko, KV Anand’s previous movie. At this time one of the Suriya’s tease KV Anand saying, “Why does this director bring in a song every time somebody dies in his film?” This is not the first time though, that KV Anand mocks at himself in movies, for a similar scene had occurred in Ko, where Pia comments about the Ayan movie.

Well, its not only KV Anand, but also Gautham Menon has teased himself in VTV when Simbu tells Trisha, “Few guys even go to America in search of their love. I just came to Allepey”, when he goes in search of her in Kerala.