It looks like all south Indian actresses are planning to settle in Mumbai. Earlier it was Shruthi Haasan who was searching for a house in Mumbai. Now it’s the Tollywood beauty Ileana who is on a house hunt in Mumbai. The Barfi actress says that her parents currently reside in Goa, and will shift with her in Mumbai as soon as she finds her house. She says that she wants to settle in Mumbai itself.She also says, that she got compliments from her father which is usually very difficult as he does not compliment anyone unless he really means it. She added, “I am very conscious about my body. When you are in the limelight, people criticise your looks. It takes a lot of time for me to get comfortable. When people say that you have a good physique, there is a constant state of disbelief. But I am not shy. Looking pretty and doing make up is part of my job,”.