Apart from the tag line “Time to Lead” and a dialogue in the movie “Thalaivangrathu naama thedi pora vishayam illa, namma thedi vara vishyam“, it’s hard to connect Thalaiva to any reference to politics. But now as the issues circling around the release looks more and more murky, DMK patriah and J Anbazhagan, producer of Ameerin Aadhi Bhagavan has openly expressed their interest to release the movie if the Thalaiva team approaches them for help.

The DMK Chief in his twitter handle said that, being an artist himself, the non-release of Thaliava deeply hurt him. In the meanwhile, J Anbazhagan has also announced , “We have around 300 theatre’s in TamilNadu, anbu pictures ready to release Thalaivaa in TN if they request us”. He also added that he knows the knack to release a film and knows his way around in releasing such controversy-ridden movies.

Is the Thalaiva political game on ? We need to wait and watch.

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