Thalaiva Release Delay – Reasons, Rumours & Speculations

Thalaiva, a yet-to-be-released Vijay movie in Tamilnadu and Pondicherry, has been in the news for a week now. There is still an uncertainty around the release date. With the chief minister back in Tamil Nadu, the crew is now seeking her help to release the movie as early as possible. The movie was originally slated to release on Aug 9th and the booking was suddenly stopped the day before. The real reason behind the delay is still unknown. Though Vijay has confirmed that a bomb threat caused the delay, fans and the public believe that there could several other reasons as stated below:

A bomb threat was issued to all the theaters by a group called ‘Oppressed Students Revolutionary Force’. The group claims that the movie’s distributor ‘Vendhar Movies’ have made money by exploiting the students of a private institution and invested that money in this film.

S.K.R.Karnan of Seethaparpanallur in Tirunelveli district said he came to know from the media that AL Vijay had mentioned that Thalaiva’s story is based on Tamilian who was residing in Mumbai in the 1980’s. So, he moved to the court alleging that the story could be based on the real life of his grandfather S.S. Kandasamy Sait alias SSK and his father S.K. Ramasamy alias SKR . The story line would affect his fundamental right to life and privacy.

It is understood that movie was denied tax exemption as it has many English dialogues and Vijay’s action in the movie would stir his fans and followers to take up the law in their own hands.

It is widely believed that the tag line “Time to Lead” didn’t please many of the politicians in the state. A super-duper hit would definitely do a world-good for Vijay’s political career.

Sathyaraj’s character in the movie was named “Anna” which could indirectly refer the political legend Annadurai.



After week long silence (except for few press releases), Vijay spoke about the Thalaiva issue to the media and the youtube video has pushed his fans and the digital world (Facebook, Twitter) to come out  in support of him and his stalled film. Vijay almost broke into tears at the end of the video and this definitely makes one understand that the mammoth of seriousness behind the release issue.

Meanwhile, the producer of the movie Chandraprakash Jain has said that he would be brought to the streets if the movie doesn’t release in Tamilnadu. He confirmed that he had already incurred a loss of around 25 crore rupees. It is to be noted that movie was produced for a budget around 60 crore rupees  and was planned to screen in over 550 theaters in Tamilnadu alone.

Vijay has personally requested his fans and the public to be patient and not to watch the movie via pirated sources. He also added that he had never said his film would do well in the box office even though the movie is good. But this time, he openly said that the movie has come out well and it would be a super-duper hit. Both Vijay and Jain are now anxiously waiting for an appointment with the CM and added that the CM is everything for Tamil Nadu and if she interferes in this matter, they we would be eternally grateful.

Director AL Vijay also clarified that Sathyaraj’s character had the name “Anna” because that how the Tamilians and Madarasis are referred to in the Mumbai Region. He insisted that it had no political subtext, nor was it based on any real character.

Whatsover the reasons may be, the fans the public are waiting for the movie and we hope the issues are solved. Check out this space for latest Thalaiva release news!

Check out the emotional speech of producer Chandraprakash Jain at the press meet yesterday :