Thanga Meengal Review – A Masterpiece

by Sai Shyam G

Coming out of the theatre, I could see a parent hugging director Ram and congratulating him with tears. Can there a bigger appreciation for the film and its maker? There is no surprise why film-makers went gaga over ‘Thanga Meengal’. If ‘Katradhu Thamizh’ was hard-hitting and brilliant, ‘Thanga Meengal’ is a masterpiece. Though the film’s release was delayed, the theme of the movie is timeless and will strike the right chord with the audience. A tale between a father and his daughter, this movie has so much more to it.


Kalyani (Ram) is a doting father of Chellamma (Baby Sadhana). For him, his daughter is the world. He struggles to pay even his daughter’s school fee, but he wishes to bring the world under his daughter’s feet. Circumstances force him to live away from his daughter and he promises to bring her a dog for her birthday. Will he keep up his promise?


It would have been impossible for any actor to carry the role of Kalyani to perfection. When many directors fancy acting for fame and money, Ram has fully justified why he wanted to do the role by himself. He can be so intense and childish at the same time. Watch out for the scenes when he breaks down due to his helpless condition. Baby Sadhana is definitely an amazing find. She could portray myriad of emotions at will which hypnotize you to the film. Hats off to director Ram for making the little girl emote this magnificently!

Shelly Kishore as Vadivu fits in the role of a mother aptly. Rohini and ‘Poo’ Ramu are brilliant in their respective roles. Baby Sanjana steals your heart with her innocence and Padmapriya’s cameo act is effective too.


Right from the title cards, Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score tugs at your heartstrings. It is so heartening to see him score music for films that stand out. First, it was ‘Aadhalal Kaadhal Seiveer’ and now it is ‘Thanga Meengal’. Amidst songs, ‘Aanadha Yaazhai’ and ‘Nathivellam’ will definitely be rated among the best melodies composed by him.

Arbhindu Saaraa’s camera work is exceptional. The way he has shot the lush green mountains in ‘Aanandha Yaazhai’ song is something you need to witness on the big screens and relish. Sreekar Prasad’s editing is slick and with a running length of 2 hours and 20 minutes, this emotional drama does not lag in pace too.

Screenplay and Direction – Ram

Director Ram’s script and his screenplay are the biggest plus points of the film. There are countless poignant scenes in the film which will give you goosebumps. The movie starts with the little girl telling her dad ‘Nee mattum sethu poga kudadhu pa’ (You alone should never die dad). You are set for a brilliant emotional ride right then. The dialogues of the film are relatable and powerful. The little girl preferring going on a bicycle with her dad rather than on a car will leave you on a high. Most of the serious issues are dealt in a down-to-earth manner and the movie will also be a powerful whip to private schools that are money oriented.

The innocent conversation between the two young kids in the second half will ask so many questions to the adults, who think they have mastered the art of living. Ram has not forced any scene or dialogue in the movie to exaggerate any sequence. No character in the film is made to look like an antagonist in the film. Director Ram can be proud of this film and he has every right to be angry for the delay in release. Special mention to Gautham Menon and JSK Film Corporation for being behind Ram in making this classic.