Actor Vijay in a statement confirmed that he has no intentions of entering politics and that his fans shouldn’t indulge themselves in any work that could portray him as a political leader. This came as shock to many of his fans who hoarded banners across Tamil Nadu during the pre and post release of  Thalaiva movie.

Thalaiva movie was allowed to screen after 9 days of its originally slated release date and the reasons for delay is still debated among the public. It has been widely speculated that the movie was banned because of the caption “Time to Lead” which symbolically confirmed Vijay’s entry into the political arena. Now that the movie is running successully across the theaters of Tamil Nadu, Vijay fans has started promoting it in all means and held banners and cut outs which portrayed him as the next Chief Minister. In this connection, Actor Vijay has clearly sent out a message to his fans not to involve in any kind of politics and warned that he would dissolve the fan clubs that do so. He also added that in the near future, he would directly get himself involved in the fan club related activities instead of his father SAC.

Question: Was Thalaiva delayed for political reasons ? We leave up to the readers to decide and comment