Sutta Kadhai Review

by Sai Shyam G

It looks like the season of newcomers for Tamil films. Yet another first time film-maker Subu has made his debut with ‘Sutta Kadhai’. The movie’s release was postponed a few times, before it hit the screens today (October 25th). The movie’s running time is just 1 hour and 45 minutes and the team has tried to put in a lot of jokes within that time. Have they succeeded? Read on.


The movie starts with a tribal leader Ottagam (MS Bhaskar) getting killed. Meanwhile, Ramki (Balaji) and Sangili (Venkatesh) join as constables in a village called Koramalai. Meanwhile, Ramki and Sangili fall in love with Silandhi (Lakshmi Priya), who happens to be the daughter of Ottagam. What follows is a series of events that would ultimately lead to the finding of who killed Ottagam.


Balaji and Venkatesh have tried their best to tickle your funny bone throughout the movie. While some of the scenes have given them scope to do that, there are also plenty of scenes that fall flat. However, some of the sequences showing Balaji as kleptomaniac and Venkatesh as a person with partial hearing impairment are hilarious.

Lakshmi Priya has an action role in the film and she is impressive in action sequences. The rest of the supporting cast including Nassar, RS Shivaji are Rinson adequate in their roles.


Under Madley Blues’ music, most of the songs are interesting and they don’t hinder the flow of the movie. The album consists of songs belonging to different genres and background score is fresh.

Nizar must be praised for his slick cinematography, considering the budget of the film. The visuals carry a unique colour tone throughout the movie and it makes us believe that the film is set in an imaginary place. Suriya’s editing has some interesting cuts and he has done his best to keep the movie crisp.

Direction – Subu

Subu’s vision of making an adventurous thriller set in a forest is appreciable, but the screenplay wavers a lot. The animation title card is very innovative and sets you for an adventurous ride. Just when you think the movie would revolve around the murder when the film starts, the two constables get introduced and the entire first half revolves around them. The second half does not take itself seriously and there are many twists, most of them do not manage to excite you.

However, there are few positive outcomes from the movie. Director Subu has taken a lot of efforts to make the premise look authentic. For instance, the currency notes used in one of the songs look different from the ones we have seen already. Some of the characters including Nassar’s stereotypical lazy inspector role tire us.