All in All Azhagu Raja Review 

by Sai Shyam G

In the recent past, Karthi has suffered because of choosing mediocre scripts. When Rajesh announced that his next film will be with Karthi in the lead, movie buffs expected this fresh combination to come up with a refreshing entertainer. However, ‘Al in All Azhagu Raja’ is far from that. Read on to know why.


Raja aka Azhagu Raja (Karthi) is the managing director of a local TV channel, that has only one more employee apart from him, which is Kalyanam (Santhanam). The duo try their best to generate revenue for their channels, but most of their attempts fail. In a parallel track, Raja falls in love with Devi Priya (Kajal Agarwal) at the drop of a hat. After a series of events, Kajal also falls for Raja. However, Raja’s father Muthu (Prabhu) has his own reasons to stop the marriage. In the flashback, the love episode between Muthu (played by Karthi) and Meenakshi (Radhika Apte) is shown and the reason why they had to part ways. The rest of the plot shows if Raja and Devi Priya unite.


Karthi definitely needs to explore different kind of roles. His acting is getting monotonous with each film and he also needs to tone down his body. There are few scenes in which he scores brownie points, but they are few and far apart. Kajal looks beautiful in traditional costumes. However, her role is limited to some mediocre singing and dancing acts in this commercial entertainer.

Santhanam overuses certain dialogues in the movie, which irk the audience. Even his one-liners are not his best, due to the unengaging screenplay. On the other hand, MS Bhaskar’s cameo does manage to provide some laughable moments. Radhika Apte has her moments in the film, especially in the ‘Unnai Partha Neram’ song. Prabhu, Saranya, Narain and others have stereotyped roles.


Under Thaman’s music, ‘Unnai Partha Neram’ and ‘Yaarukum Sollama’ are hummable. The background score is far from being catchy and gets too loud at times. Sakthi Saravanan’s camera work is nothing to rave about. Vivek Harshan’s editing could have been much better. Some of the scenes seem to never end at all. For instance, the conversation between Karthi, Kajal and Narain in the second half tests your patience.

Direction – Rajesh

After a hat-trick of hits, Rajesh misses the trick this time around. Although all his previous movie had wafer-thin storyline and relied completely on Santhanam, those movies had scope for Santhanam to take over the spotlight. In this movie, most of his jokes and one-liners fall flat, due to lack of interesting screenplay. Rajesh definitely needs to think beyond relying completely on Santhanam.

The scenes involving Santhanam’s feminine makeover and Kota Srinivasa Rao get too repetitive. The flashback, which is set in 1980, does not provide the necessary impact. With a running time of about 2 hours and 54 minutes and only a handful of funny moments, the movie requires a lot of patience to sit through.