Arima Nambi Review 

by Sai Shyam G

Vikram Prabhu had a dream debut with Kumki and his performance in his second film Ivan Vera Mathiri was also recognized. His third film Arima Nambi has hit the screens today and this is perhaps his quietest of releases. Newcomer Anand Shankar, a former associate of AR Murugadoss, is making his directorial debut with this film. The interesting title Arima Nambi  means ‘gentleman with the strength of a lion’. The movie revolves around such a person, who is raring to take on money and political power.


It is love at first sight for Arjun Krishna (Vikram Prabhu) on Anamika (Priya Anand) and the movie starts with an interesting song at Hard Rock Cafe in Chennai. The couple go on date the very next day, and Anamika gets kidnapped from her home, right before the eyes of Arjun. Arjun tries to contact police to save her, but he is made to believe that no such incident happened. But, ultimately, he gets to know that he is dragged into a much larger issue, involving a central minister Rishi (JD Chakravarthy). With the life of Arjun and Anamaika at stake, they decide to fight it out. Will they succeed? Watch the film to know the answer.


Vikram Prabhu has got a stylish makeover and he has carried it off in style. He packs a punch in action sequences too, however, he looks little dodgy in romantic sequences. His dialogue delivery has improved a lot as he inadvertently sets in humour in his dialogues (especially when he says ‘evlo nerama Gun pudichitu irukan, kai nadingucha?’). Priya Anand looks like a million dollars in her modern attires. She has some interesting sequences in the first half, while she is always on the run in the second half.

JD Chakravarthy’s body language reminds us of his roles in Samar and Sarvam. Do directors need to explore him better or get variety out of him? Well, that is for you to decide. However, he is convincing in his role of a young central minister. MS Bhaskar appears in a couple of scenes and kudos to the director for casting him. As an honest sub-inspector, he gets applause at an important juncture in the film. Arjunan plays Vikram Prabhu’s friend and he appears for a couple of scenes as well, however, he is not as effective as he was in his earlier films.


Drums Sivamani has made his debut as music director and unfortunately, his musical composition aren’t as entertaining as his energetic beats. The songs do not appeal to the audience at all, and their placements are also equally bad. RD Rajasekar’s camerawork is top-notch. Some meticulous work has gone behind hard rock cafe sequences, the swift chase scenes and the splendid visuals of ‘Idhayam’ song.

Bhuvan Srinivasan’s editing is appreciable in the first half, where the screenplay unravels quickly, but the second half gets into a shell at times. Having a running time of 2.5 hours, the movie could have trimmed by 15-20 minutes to make it more tense. The stunt choreography by Dilip Subbarayan is down-to-earth and does not look dramatic.

Direction – Anand Shankar

Having apprenticed under AR Murugadoss, it is evident that Anand Shankar knows the secret formula for a successful commercial entertainer. He wastes no time in getting into the main plot of the film. Within the first half an hour, you actually get to witness lot of happenings and it looks like a complete maze. Once the suspense is revealed to the audience, the proceedings slow down a little and the climax looks predictable too, which could have been altered.

Another major highlight of the film is the characterization. Not many Tamil movies have shown the current generation youngsters as they are, especially girls. The director has showed the lifestyle of a rich girl as real as it can get. She drinks, she dates a guy on the second day since she knows him, but, so what? Isn’t it happening in the city? There is also inbuilt humour in the film. No, not the slapstick comedy type, but the ones which will make you laugh in between a serious conversation.

On the flip side, logic goes for a toss at few places. For instance, after a tragic loss, the female lead gets back to normalcy after shedding couple of tears and she is on the run throughout afterwards. Also, is it practical for the protagonist to keep evading all obstacles at will? Well, we have said this time and again. Yes, even this film contains an item number and a dream song. What is the need for them? The audience no more expect these and it’s high time the makers stopped blaming audience for such inclusions. When there is a good script to work with, the makers should overlook such gimmicks. In spite of these commercial cliches, the movie offers sufficient entertainment for the audience.