Aadama Jaichomada Review

by Sai Shyam G

Director Badri, who remade Thillu Mullu with Shiva in the lead, has come up with Aadama Jaichomada, which revolves around the fixing and betting scams in cricket. Interestingly, Shiva has penned the dialogues of the film, while the movie has Karunakaran and Simha in the lead roles. How has the movie come out? Read on.


The movie revolves around how a call taxi driver Panneer (Karunakaran) gets trapped into problems when he acquaints a bookie Dhayalan (Balaji Venugopal). Police Commissioner (KS Ravikumar) and Inspector Bhoominathan (Simhaa) are on the hunt to nab the culprits behind match fixing scandal. With Panneer chipping in with some clues, will the cops get their task done on time?


Karunakaran as a call taxi driver, who is trying to make ends meet, is brilliant in his role. His main strength is his facial expressions and the director has cleverly used them with many close-up shots. The way he spontaneously changes his dialogues and mind is a scream in the film. Simha, who has been the talk of the tinsel town ever since Jigarthanda’s release, has donned an interesting cop character in the film. However, he does not look as free flowing as he was in Jigarthanda. 

Vijayalakshmi fits into her character neatly, with few novel moments. KS Ravikumar as the Police Commissioner brings in dynamism to the role and he contributes some comical moments too. Balaji Venugopal as a bookie has good screen presence, but wonder why he is not seen in more films. The rest of the supporting actors including Aadukalam Naren are good in their roles.


Sean Roldan’s background score is a big advantage for the film. The soothing music during the conversation between the lead pair elevates the scene and one can see Sean Roldan enjoys composing music for poignant scenes. Although the songs look fresh, couple of duet tracks look unnecessary in the film. Camera work is functional, but at times, the visuals look rushed up, which hints at the low budget of the film. Editing is crisp with a running time of just over 2 hours.

Direction – Badri

Director Badri has made sure that the treatment of this film should never get serious and it lingers on the borders of becoming a spoof. Many of the scenes mock at the stunt sequences done by our own popular heroes of Tamil cinema. Watch out for the scene in which KS Ravikumar revisits the Simha’s daring stunts, that would bring the roof down.

The first half starts with Shiva’s voice-over and you get tuned to what to expect from the film. The movie moves slowly, but has enough laughable moments to keep you interested. The movie focuses on situational comedy and satirical dialogues, and Shiva is right on the money.

On the flip side, the narration loses its way in the second half, while there are more conversations than engaging moments. The spoofy situations become anyone’s guess after a point, which work against the movie. Some of the intended comical scenes fall flat, and at times, are irritating too. On the whole, at 2 hours, the movie is a decent weekend watch, if you don’t mind the flaws.

Written by Sai Shyam G |