Was Kaththi’s story stolen?

Sai Shyam G

For starters, this article is about the ongoing battle between Gopi and AR Murugadoss. Gopi claims that AR Murugadoss has stolen his story and used it for Kaththi. In this article, we don’t want to take sides, but we want to highlight some of the facts and videos that are supporting both the parties.

Gopi’s interview

In this video, Gopi reveals that he had met AR Murugadoss few times and narrated a story to him, and the latter had promised to produce that film for the former. However, reportedly, AR Murugadoss started to avoid Gopi and went ahead with Kaththi. Gopi claims that Kaththi has major similarities with the story narrated by him and he has produced his bound script as a proof to the court. After this video came out, there was a huge swing towards Gopi from the social media users and journalists, who found Gopi’s claim genuine.

AR Murugadoss’ stand

Few days after Gopi’s interview, director AR Murugadoss had shared a video of popular YouTube reviewer Prashanth on his Twitter account. While the case is still pending at the court, AR Murugadoss does not want to comment on it, and he also does not want to discuss regarding this (one on one) with Gopi. AR Murugadoss strongly states that he has not met Gopi even once and challenges him to come out with a proof for narrating the story.

Gopi’s speech on a talk show

A viral video that has been doing rounds since yesterday is Gopi’s speech during a talk show on private television channel, that was aired few months before Kaththi‘s release. The speech shows the conviction of Gopi in supporting farmers and standing for them. Many feel that the ideas and the points conveyed by him are very close to the ones conveyed in Kaththi.

Our take on this

There could be two possible outcomes when this case ends.

1. Gopi might have been doing this for the sake of getting publicity, or he might have been used by anyone to tarnish the image of AR Murugadoss. If that is the case, Gopi would be spoiling the winning chance of any genuine plagiarism charge in the future.

2. If AR Murugadoss is at fault, it might be a major disappointment for the entire Tamil film industry and the value for script writers will be reworked on. When the script writers in Tamil are given importance like how they are valued in Malayalam and Hindi film industries, plagiarism will reduce by a great extent.

All that we have to say for now is ‘Let truth triumph’.

Video Credits: Red Pix 24×7, tamilcinemareview, Ungalil Oruvan

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