Maari starring Dhanush, Kajal Agarwal, Robo Shankar and Vijay Yessudas in the lead has opened to mixed reviews. Here are 5 reasons you should give Maari, a chance!

Nandhitha Ravindran

Five reasons to watch Maari!
1. Robo Shankar

From his Kalakapovadhu Yaaru days to Maari, Robo Shankar has grown as a comedian. In Maari, he plays Sanikizhamai, an accomplice of Maari (Dhanush). But he isn’t your regular sidekick who comes solely for comic relief or to function as the hero’s wingman. Robo Shankar compliments the rowdy, Maari is. His sarcasm infused dialogues and the funny yet gunda-like body language gels with the story. He doesn’t over power Maari’s persona but he doesn’t go unnoticed either. At parts, it reminds you of Vivek’s role as Rajinikanth’s sidekick, in Sivaji. Robo Shankar has what it takes to be the best comic villain of the current times.

2. The romance is more than romantic

Let me tell you why this is a good thing. Maari is a masala movie, no doubt. There’s action, comedy, drama, song and dance. It also has romance, but it isn’t your regular ‘rich girl falls for bad guy’ story. When watching the first scene between Maari and Sridevi (Kajal Agarwal), we expected love to blossom between them and the scene to break into the Don-u don-u track. Surprisingly this doesn’t happen. A few scenes later, Maari says, “I love you” to Sridevi. We aren’t going to tell you what follows, but you should know that the movie banks pretty well on the unpredictability factor, which makes the chemistry between the lead pair, refreshing.

3. Dhanush’s screen presence

The Hindu’s Baradwaj Rangan called Maari, a WTF movie – Whistling Thronging Fans movie. Dhanush needless to say, garners all the whistles and roaring cheers with his antics, be it twirling his mustache or his fingers scissoring through the air when he says, “Senjiruven.” His style, his seemingly casual arrogance and even his dance, are all a delight to watch. In a scene that involves him lying down, chilling with a cigarette in his mouth, we couldn’t help but compare it to Baba Rajinikanth.

Dhanush has not compromised on his acting by any means, to exude a mass demeanour. He is so good, that he seems to effortlessly incorporate class (acting) in an all-mass role.

4. The director

Maari had high expectations riding on it because of its director, Balaji Mohan. Balaji had established himself as a director with potential as well as one who can dish out quirky and different movies. Maari is a wholesome masala film. The director knows the fact that masala movies tend to carry clichés, but he takes these clichés and tries to present them in a new light. At parts, he has been successful in this attempt. There is scene involving Maari’s neighbor, a little girl for whom he secretly pays school fees. You would think it is one of those “emo” scenes to display the rowdy’s niceness, but the way it ends makes you smile. The writing is nothing extraordinary, it maybe a tried and tested formulae, but Balaji’s directorial touch sets it a tad bit apart.

5. It’s different.

This is a culmination of all the above points. The sidekick is different, the heroine isn’t just an arm candy who mindlessly falls for a rowdy, the mass persona of Dhanush is electrifying and the masala clichés have gotten a makeover! From Balaji Mohan, you would have expected a whole new way in which a masala movie unfolds. However, he has stuck to the already existing canvas, but has used a different technique to paint the picture.