By Mani Prabhu

At a time when female leads are finding it tough to bag meaningful meaty roles across languages, a South Indian actor is proving her versatility and histrionic capabilities through her releases, within a single stretch of one year. From playing the confident girl-next-door to the revenge-seeking, wronged woman; from portraying the enthusiastic plump girl to the bewitchingly pretty queen – the star is here to stay! Yes, we are talking about the immensely talented and daring Anushka Shetty.


January 2015 saw Anusha play the strikingly elegant, sensible, strong-willed and independent Thenmozhi, a team lead in a software firm, falling for the cop, Sathyadev in Yennai Arindhaal. Thenmozhi has this unassuming yet no-nonsense demeanor that instantly draws your attention. Even with all her designer clothes, Anushka is casual, modest and surprisingly amicable. She doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind eloquently and emphatically, standing up for her convictions with grace when required. Anushka brilliantly breezed through the character of Thenmozhi, being in her usual self.


Anushka then played the role of the wronged and vilified former royal mistress, Maharani Devasena, now tortured and held captive for years by Paalvalthevan, in Baahubali – The Beginning.  As the mysterious, wretched woman wrinkled by age and abuse, Anushka registers the angst and desire for vengeance in her half veiled face. Having seen the rise and fall of a maginificient kingdom, Devasena spends her moments plotting revenge and awaiting the return of her estranged son. The intent in Anushka’s searing eyes,  as she collects random twigs to assemble a pyre for Paalvathelvan, is enough to let the agony and fury instantly catch on.

Rani Ruthramadevi

Anushka is presently awaiting the release of her 3D historical film Ruthramadevi in Telugu, where she plays the titular character of a 13th-century queen of the Kakatiya dynasty, one of the very few ruling queens in Indian history. Getting into the shoes of a character who reigned around 1262–1289; someone who was formally designated as a son through the ancient Putrika ceremony and given the male name of Rudradeva, is certainly not child’s play, but seeing the trailer and the first look, we can only imagine the kind of intensity, Anushka would bring to the table!

The InjiIduppazhagi

The multitalented Anusha has just finished shooting for her next bilingual Inji Idupazhagi/ Size zero, which is scheduled for an October release. As the script by Kanika Dhillon centers around a figure conscious theme, the casting plans seems to have started and ended with Anushka. In a spell-binding physical transformation requiring her to pile on 20 extra kilograms, Anushka plays the role of a plump girl trying to woo her lover. In an industry rife with an obsession with looks (especially when it comes to lead females), here is someone who has dared to rebel!

We at iFlickz congragulate the daring and dashing Anushka on her impressive feat, and wish her all the best for her future.