ARANMANAI 2 – Fine, but no more sequels PLS!

by Prem

Aranmanai 2 Movie Review

Catch an old castle (for sure), assemble a starry cast (that sells), compose scary tracks (that groove), set some quirky comedy (that works) and draw a plot (if possible) – TADA, to a successful horror movie this is so true and in fact, it is almost ARANMANAI 2. Sundar C, the master of commercial mov(i)es has written this sequel to the blockbuster that had a different team, except for Hansika. There is not much to articulate or discuss in the script that revolves around the tussle between the good and evil, and as we all know, the good does triumph at the end.

Surpassing this cliche, it is the cast ensemble that had all the expectations set high for this flick, and keeps it alive too. The girl-power holds the upper hand in the film, with Trisha scoring well in the glam, Poonam Bajwa fairly impressive and Hansika being the rock star. She seems to have mastered the USP of this genre, and is strikingly impressive in her role. Soori & Kovai Sarala carry the comedy track well and the usual scream sequences clicking, the movie goes on. Sundar C dons the role of the wise guy in the family, but Sidharth doesn’t have much to do. Hiphop Thamizha’s BGM is better than the tracks, with the Amman song being the highlight towards the end.

If you are a movie lover who is serious about sensible films, better not bet your time on this one. But if you are fine to kill time with a commercial horror flick, then go ahead and watch this entertainer. You might like it in parts.