by Rinku Gupta

40 makeup artists for 500 actors in Miruthan

The next Jayam Ravi starrer, Miruthan, not only has an unusual name but also very different story elements from the usual. Director Shakti Soundar Rajan (of Naanayam and Naigal Jagirathai fame) has resorted to exploring a new genre this time. A story revolving a bunch of Zombies, Rajan seeks to give viewers a novel experience, in a class apart. “I wanted to explore the myth of zombies but not in the usual way. I’ve attempted to give a sci-fi angle to the zombie myth.”

40 makeup artists for 500 actors in Miruthan

With Jayam Ravi and Lakshmi Menon in the leads, the film is already drawing attention. One of the main attempts of a zombie film would be to get the make up right, in order to give the eerie feel. In Miruthan that was an uphill task but Rajan seems to have left no stone unturned to get that aspect right. In fact, a major part of the makeup materials have been imported from the US. “We imported the bottles of special make up from the US comprising liquid latex and Collidion. We wanted to get the best for the artists for it to look real and ensure that make up didn’t cause any allergies.” The entire make up sessions lasted several hours as over 500 junior artists had to get into zombie mode. Over 35 to 40 makeup artists were used to get the makeup done, under the supervision of senior makeup artists Kumar and Nehru. “The logistics were very difficult, as 500 junior artists had to apply makeup. We would start with 300 artists in the first batch in the night and by 3 am, early morning, we would add another 200 artists, to finally get all 500 ready. Each artist needed one whole hour of zombie make up on face, neck, and hands and another half hour for removal,” recalls Rajan.

But he is hopeful that all the hard work will yield results when the viewers get chills down their spines when watching the movie.