Pichaikkaran Movie Review

by Dinesh Ravichandiran

Pichaikkaran Movie Review

The Strength of one’s ‘Hope’ (read as “Nambikkai” in this context) is to ‘fully hope’ on something, utters the hero in this movie at some point. This sums up Vijay Antony’s latest outing as “Pichaikkaran”, written and directed by Sasi. Vijay Antony’s trust and hope on the solid content and script-driven subjects have given him continuous successes in most of his previous outings and he follows the same with this movie and succeeds to a large extent.

Pichaikkaran is a tale of a business family, where the son comes back from abroad completing the studies to take over the business from his mother, who has indeed single handedly created an empire over the years. Arul (Vijay Antony) finishes his studies abroad, and takes over his mother’s Bhuvaneswari Cotton Mill which is well respected in its surroundings. He not only has to succeed the business but also need to embrace the unconditional love and respect of his company’s labourers. Everything is kept simple and straight till this point of the film and the director doesn’t waste time in establishing the base premise.

All hell breaks loose, when Bhuvaneswari slips into coma due to an accident and wouldn’t respond to any treatment for months. Arul, for whom his mother is everything goes places in pursuit of finding a perfect treatment for his mother and in the course, bumps into a sage. As a result of the meeting and due to other circumstances Arul turns to a beggar (“Pichaikkaran”). What transforms and transpires after that forms the rest of the story.

The first half is crisp and to the point, where the characters are established rather quickly and helps proceed the story. Satna Titus
is the female lead and delivers a neat performance as Magizhini. The actors who comes as beggars along with Vijay Antony are a scream and delivers some ’on-the face’ reality to the viewers. The beginner’s tutorial to Vijay Antony, the Audi car sequence and the Marriage hall scene are few of the highlights in the first half.

Pichaikkaran Movie Review

Second half is laced with actions, and Vijay Antony’s race against time to cross all the hurdles from villains. He is good at stunts and
is trying to build the action hero image consciously. The songs are OK and mostly doesn’t disturb the movie and stand alone.

Sasi, whose earlier movies were all strong in emotions, once again weaves a story that has a strong emotional and social impact. At one end, while he beautifully captures the bonding between the mother and son, the director is also able to chip in with the harsh reality of the society through some genuine moments effortlessly at the other end.

Vijay Antony shines throughout as a suave son, confused businessman, calm lover and a fiery young man to the enemies, and above all as a convincing “PICHAIKKARAN”. His strength is his ability to constantly underplay the emotions and conveying his dialogues with a straight face, which suits him in this movie as well. As a producer, he had made sure that the production value of the movie is high and it shows on the screen. Vijay Antony is slowly but surely justifying his ‘HERO’ tag with his sensible selection of scripts and the improvisation as an actor in each and every outing. On the whole, “Pichaikkaran” has enough for all the classes and masses. Though it may not be termed as a perfect commercial movie and has it flaws, it will definitely have the cash registers ringing.