Predictable yet entertaining fare for Vijay fans…

by Dinesh Ravichandiran

Theri Movie Review

Joseph Kuruvilla (Vijay) lives a peaceful life somewhere in Kerala with his daughter Nivi (Baby Nainika), where he meets Nivi’s school teacher Annie (Amy Jackson). Things proceeds smoothly until a local goon rubs with Joseph thereby revealing his past that of an honest and upright cop in Chennai– Deputy Commissioner Vijay Kumar.

The flashback deals with the story of Vijay Kumar who is not only a super cop, but also an affectionate and emotional son. Radhika as Vijay mother makes a neat impression. Vijay meets Nithra (Samantha) and it’s love at first sight for them.

Vijay Kumar unearths a murder case and we are introduced to Vanamamalai, the quintessential corrupt politician played brilliantly by Director Mahendran. The master stroke of this film is the casting of this legendary director and his body language and voice suits the character perfectly. Vijay Kumar’s investigation leads to a personal loss for Vanamamalai and in-turn he waits patiently to avenge and does. The plot is simple that of the hero coming out of all odds to rise again. This is the kind of story that has been the basis for infinite number of Tamil movies and occasionally few films have stood over the time and celebrated as a cult like Kshatriyan released in 1990.

There is a lot of comparison that can be drawn from Kshatriyan and Theri’s story, hightlight being that of a single father who was a Cop and his revenge on the person who killed his family. The second one being the most powerful villain these movies introduced – The legendary Thilakan in the former and Director Mahendran in Theri. But the comparison stops there with Kshatriyan retaining its cult status very safely.

Second half disappoints

Theri Movie Review

The first half sails smoothly with a right mixture of humour, emotion and action and with a stunning interval bang, the setup for perfect. But the second half disappoints as the screenplay turns predictable and not offering anything new to the audience. Also, the length of the movie at its 2 hours 40 minutes adds to the woe. Atlee might have inspired by Mani Ratnam (Kshatriyan – Screenplay by ManiRatnam), but the way he beautifully handled the emotions in his debut movie is clearly missing in the second half.

Samantha is beautiful and amazingly fits into the character of a lover, wife and mother. Amy Jackson has got a trivial role which doesn’t give time for the audience to root for her new look as well. Prabhu, Radhika, Motta Rajendran and Kali Venkat make it to a starry cast. But its Ilayathalapathy Vijay all the way.  The film runs on its hero’s shoulder almost for the entire length and Vijay in his double roles is a treat to watch. He is back to his elements of that of a pure commercial hero and makes the audience yearn for more all the time.

He is fit and smart, dances like a dream and fights like a macho and does all he could to make the film work and succeeds to an extent. Overall it’s a watchable entertainer, which may be embraced by his die-hard fans big time.

Theri – An age-old cocktail with a bite of chilli.