It was fascinating to see 2 directors on same set – Kamalini Mukherjee

After a long gap post Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu, heroine KAMALINI MUKHERJEE returns to the Tamil screen with Karthik Subbaraj’s third directorial venture, IRAIVI. In a chat with us, the elusive heroine reveals why the hiatus and what excited her about taking up this project.

She agrees that she has taken a long break from Kollywood. But Iraivi made her sit up and take notice. “Offers have been coming post my brief role with Kamal Haasan in VV, but everything was along the lines of whatever I had done earlier. I didn’t want to repeat anything I had done before. When Karthik came with this role of Yazhini and narrated the story of Iraivi, I was completely intrigued. From the way he spoke, I knew here was a director who knew his stuff. And I said yes!”

It was fascinating to see 2 directors on same set – Kamalini Mukherjee

She shares the screen with Anjali, Pooja Devariya, Bobby Simhaa, SJ Suryah and Vijay Sethupathy. The buzz is that Kamalini plays a mom and is cast opposite director SJ Suryah who after a long gap, who returns as an actor with Iraivi. Kamalini recalls, “It was fascinating to see two director,S J Suryah as hero here, and Karthik the director, on the same set. There was no uneasiness at all. SJ Suryah is always smiling and chilled out. He fit his role perfectly. Karthik is someone who lets his actors have complete freedom. SJ Suryah was completely immersed in his role. He is very spontaneous as an actor. He would help me with my lines and in one car scene, his help was invaluable to me. Because in cars, there is no one to prompt loudly with dialogues. There is just the camera and the actors. Since he’s been a director, he looks at the equation from the other side as well and understands immediately what help an actor would need in such a situation. Karthik just let our acting flow and it was more about reacting to the other than just acting. I can’t reveal my exact role but I can say that it was really challenging.”

Kamalini seems to have enjoyed her return to Kollwood and narrates how spellbound she was, watching music director Santhosh Narayanan singing on sets. “He looks diminutive and quiet but when he starts performing, he’s a complete rock star. He shot one very catchy number on location and we were all entranced by his electrifying performance!”

It was fascinating to see 2 directors on same set – Kamalini Mukherjee

When there are three heroines in a film, people speculate about whether they have ego hassles or insecurity about their roles. But in Iraivi, there seems to be have been no such issues. Kamalini laughs, “I had a blast with Anjali and Pooja. Both are so talented. I’ve seen Anjali’s Telugu films but seeing her in front of camera was a different experience. She’s such a natural performer! I love that in an actor. Pooja too, stood out in her scenes and is an amazing dancer, which you will see in her dance number. Bobby and Vijay have become good friend as well. It was a young team, so it was full of energy. We had lot of fun hanging out together on sets since most of them knew each other before. Iraivi is one shooting experience I will always cherish.”