Joker Movie Review


‘Politics is sewage’ is how we react when we are not able to bear the ugly side of it. What happens when the sewage overflows? Many play the blame game, many turn a blind eye to it, but only a few get down to fix it. Mannar Mannan (Guru Somasundaram) is that middle-aged man who decided to question the gaps of our government and clean the political dirt shed on our heads. Any serious social activist of his kind is naturally treated like a ‘Joker’ by the society. This Joker here is no exception, and is on a serious business. What made Mannar feel responsible to be donning this mask for change? What made him protest against the system? The film answers it all, beautifully, filled with love, anger and sense.


First up, a big SALUTE to the director Raju Murugan, to have come up with this wonderful work of political satire. One can’t really remember the last time such a political movie was shot in Tamil Cinema. The world did see movies like ‘The Great Dictator’ by Charlie Chaplin that took a dig on the way politics is weaved into the life of people. But gradually, entertainment has taken the front seat and the films have spicy side dishes with lots of masala that add up for the adrenaline. There and then few rare gems rise up, and Joker is definitely one of them. It is not a surprise Rajumurugan has directed such a bold statement, for his earlier writings and conversations had always involved dense politics. In fact, his first film Cuckoo, the love saga between two visually challenged people has politics sprinkled in precise places. With brilliant writing and the bold making, he is to be crowned the first hero of this film.


You have to give it to Guru Somasundaram! The man seemed to pull off the character with such ease, just the way he did in Aaranyakandam and Jigradhanda. His body language, his expressions and dialogue delivery, they simply pierce the soul and leave a mark one can say. He has literally ruled the time on screen. The other characters (Bava Chelladurai, Ramya Pandian, Gayathri Krishna, Mu Ramasamy, Bava Chelladurai ) have done justice to their roles, as sensible jokers.


Music for sure deserves a special mention. Sean Rolden has been choosy in his films, and Joker comes out to be a great addition to his bag of medals. The background score and the songs are stirring and serves the purpose perfectly. In a lot of instances, we are left touched, deep.


The movie is not an answer to the issues that we face or the agony that the political system is filled with. It is more than that. It is a question; a powerful question seeded in our minds to THINK about the system, about the needs that have become wants, about the way we are forgetting to standing up for our rights. The movie makes one realize that its ‘high time we start asking questions’.
A wonderful love story, a political battle and a satirical comedy – that’s what Joker is. Lot of interesting elements unveiled and best felt when seen in person. Hence, we decide not to speak a word on the details of the story. Just go and watch Joker already, seriously.