– Prem

Devi(L) Movie Review


Someone please open up a fan club for ghosts (or ghost movies already)! That’s how crazy it is getting, the number of horror-comedies that Tamil Cinema is seeing recently. But thankfully, Director Vijay’s Devi comes up with a fresh face (phase) that keeps us engaged. Prabhu Deva’s comeback is definitely a high for the movie, which gets started with the hero on the look out to marry a modern girl. Tamannah, a pakka village girl, was quite not what Prabhu Deva wanted but ends up in marrying her and moves to Mumbai. In the new house they move in, things change. By now you now how it goes ahead. Yup! Tamannah is a happy host to the ghost and the series of events that unroll ahead scripts Devi. With the bipolar disorder lessons we’d learnt from 3 & Anniyan, the transformation of Tamannah is smartly crafted.

As a tri-lingual release, the movie does make one feel a little out of state at times, but doesn’t fail to entertain. Tamannah has a few hiccups in the initial village role but makes up for it once she dons the Mumbai avatar. Manasi, who dubbed for Tamannah, deserves a special applaud for the variations she brings to both the characters. The dance sequences seem to take away the thrills briefly, but otherwise Vijay has nicely played around the ghost factor. Thank God (or the ghost), we don’t get to see the dumb jump scares. Prabhu Deva handles the role quiet well and his body language complements. It will be exciting to see if he takes up more films ahead. The veteran has it in him, the style and the moves. RJ Balaji is a scream, making the audience go gaga with his funny one-liners and his expressions.

On the technical side, Manush Nandan’s camera work renders the director’s visualization good enough to grab our attention. Sajid-Wajid’ score is decent and the songs are well choreographed. But one can’t help the feel that the songs are from a Hindi film.

On the whole, the Saivam director does stand out with his presentation of the plot and the story. From a person whose early flicks have been sentimental, this is surprisingly different. A wholesome family entertainer for this season.
Watch. Scream. Laugh.