Rinku Gupta

The Making Of Nayanthara's Royal Look In Kaashmora

Whenever NAYANTHARA comes on screen, she not only is breathtaking, but also sets trends with her costumes and jewellery. So when the first look poster of Nayan playing a royal princess in Kaashmora were out, people were enamoured by her regal look.

We caught up with costume designer ANU VARDHAN to take a peek into behind the scenes moments of putting together Nayan’s amazing look. Nayan plays a princess for the first time and was quite excited by the special jewellery and costumes of the film. Anu Vardhan who had worked in several films with her, including Billa and Naanum Rowdy Thaan, says, “Nayan has a great taste in jewellery. She was very excited to try on the look we put together for her.”

Authentic and regal

The Making Of Nayanthara's Royal Look In Kaashmora

Speaking about the work that went in, Anu recalls, “Since its a fantasy period we could use an amalgam of different metals ,designs and stones. Director Gokul gave me his ideas on what he wanted for her. From there on I worked on the look. One thing we did was, we got everything made in real silver with gold polish and stones set in. That’s why it looks more authentic on screen and gives an immediate royal feeling to the artiste. I got real antique jewellery from Bhuj in Gujarat. We have used designs in Meena Kaari , uncut diamonds from Rajasthan and chunky silver jewellery from Kutch in Gujarat along with pieces specially designed from Delhi and Temple jewellery designs from Chennai.”

So Nayan wil be seen in a beautiful collection of hair pins, maang tikas,earrings,ear cuffs, nose rings, necklaces,waistband, bangles, anklets and toe rings. “In some pieces we have given a mix of oxidised silver and gold polish covering on the same piece giving it a unique look. There will be several statement pieces that may become trendsetters,” says Anu.

Skirting around

The Making Of Nayanthara's Royal Look In Kaashmora

The peacock motif has been played around with and a lot of vibrant colours have been used in her clothes. A highlight will be the luxurious skirts with 35 metres of cloth each, “The skirts got heavy with the thick lining. The whole costume along with the jewellery was so heavy, it took time and effort for Nayan to walk around with it!” Anu use matka silk and raw silk for the rich look.

Another highlight of the royal look are the embellishments. Says Anu, “We used jewellery pieces as brooches and pins to hold the drapes together. This added to the rich look instead of heavy embellishments on the cloth.”