– Rinku Gupta

When Jyothika Braved Bullets And Water Lorries

Actor JYOTHIKA is currently shooting for her 2nd film after her recent comeback. Titled Magalir Mattum, the film is directed by Bramma and produced by Suriya’s 2D Entertainment. The first look poster revealed that Jyothika is playing a documentary film maker. In a chat with director Bramma, we discover how Jyothika has the unit impressed with the way she’s handling her work.

Bramma had nothing but praise for her, “She arrives well in advance and is very well prepared for the day’s shoot. The way she has mastered the lengthy dialogues and delivers them despite being a North Indian, is amazing to watch. Her preparedness reduces the time taken on sets. When I explain a scene to a group, she is the first to grasp it perfectly.”

When Jyothika Braved Bullets And Water Lorries

Jyothika plays a documentary film maker in a role that requires her to play someone younger. “She lost weight for the role and also achieved a greater fitness level for the agilty, travel and movement that this role requires,” reveals Bramna. The director and his heroine spent a lot of time discussing the character. “She gives a lot of attention to detail and wants to get into the skin of the character. I had to give a backstory of the character and I explained to her the various general characteristics of a documentary filmmaker.”

Bramma was equally impressed with the way she quickly mastered riding a Bullet motorcycle. “She plays a strong and independent girl and riding the Bullet was one of the requirements for her role which she managed to learn.” One recalls how social media was flooded with images of hubby Suriya helping Jo ride a bike. Now the mystery is solved with Bramma affirming it was for the film.

When Jyothika Braved Bullets And Water Lorries

She also took a brief training in how to handle a special Osmo camera needed for her role. “The camera has a handle and a mobile phone is fixed onto it in which an App helps in recording. She practiced with it for a few days as that is one of the props for her role.”

Another incident which had the unit impressed was when Jyothika did a rather tough shot planned for an entire day, in just 2 hours and that too without help. Bramna recalls, “We were shooting amidst big crowds in a public place and had planned a day long shoot. We told Jyothika only when she arrived that she had to climb on top of a water lorry and from there, shoot with her camera. A water lorry is quite an high vehicle with a rounded top. It has a ladder but that starts above the tyre level, at some height. We were wondering how best we could help her do it. We were not prepared for what happened next. Jyothika climbed the stool we had placed and in the blink of an eye climbed the ladder and was on top of the lorry ready for her shot! She didn’t bother about the crowd nor asked for any help. The entire shoot we completed in just 2 hours! That was something which left a lasting impressing of her professionalism and preparedness.”