– Rinku Gupta

People Should Write More Scripts For Women

Actor SRIYA REDDY is on a roll with a comeback after 8 years. The teaser of her film Andaava Kaanom had garnered eyeballs for its quirky presentation of a talking Anda and a fiery Sriya playing the freaked out owner of the lost vessel. In a chat with her, we discover why Sriya is loving every moment of it. But there were times when she almost gave up!

Post-marriage and motherhood Sriya was comfortably settled in her life. But when debut director Vadivelu narrated this story to her she found the role of Shanthi very interesting. “Contrary to what is shown in the teaser Shanthi is not just fire and brimstone. She is a very emotional , strong yet simple woman from Theni. This is actually a story about a brother- sister relationship and a woman who stands up for what she believes in.”

People Should Write More Scripts For Women

But the comeback was no cakewalk. “We were shooting in Theni. I had to shout and cry and fight before the camera. Now, in normal life I can fight like any one else but here I had to do it all with pages of dialogues and the accompanying expressions and body language of a rural woman! The first few days were terrible for me. I felt I couldn’t do justice to my role and was out of my depth. I almost thought of giving up since I was in unfamiliar territory. But somehow I decided to hold on. In a week’s time, I got into the groove and from then on everything started coming naturally to me with director Vadivelu’s help,” grins Sriya.

Sriya is also part of Priyadarshan’s Sila Samayangalil and is keen to do quality work in her second innings. “People should write more scripts for women. Apart from hero-centric movies, there is now an audience for women-centric movies a well. Change is happening and hopefully, I’ll be able to do quality films with good scripts.”