With inputs from Amar Nath and Paul Praveen

12 Facts About The Superstar You Probably Didn't Know

We know the man Rajinikanth as our very own Superstar phenomenon. Beyond his charm and magical screen-presence, there are many little known aspects about him that goes on to prove his humane side. Here, we have tried to compile a few interesting facts about the man who is revered as a Demigod.

1. After the blockbuster success of his 1999 film Padayappa, Rajinikanth donated the profits by starting Arunachala Foundation to help underprivileged students.

2. When a female co-artist got injured during the shoot of Baba, the actor had her admitted in a private hospital, and made sure that her health expenses were completely taken care of.

3. During the shooting of the 1981 film Netrikan, when the actor came to know of a light-boy’s debts, he is said to have gone out of his way to get the issue sorted.

4. Rajinikanth was one of the earliest stars from the film fraternity to have reached out financially to the families affected by the Coimbatore Bomb Blast.

5. The actor is supposed to have donated several street lights to be set up along the ‘Girivalam path’ in Thiruvannamalai for the benefit of the visiting public.

6. Rajinikanth also is said to have raised his voice for AIDS victims as early as 1997 in the film Arunachalam with the dialogue “Andavan Solran.. Arunachalam Solran Neengalum Kelunga”

7. By pledging to donate his eyes during the Silver Jubilee Function of his 1987 film ‘Manithan’, Rajinikanth became the first Tamil actor to do so.

8. When his 2002 film Baba fell short of market expectations, reportedly translating to considerable losses for the distributors, Rajinikanth himself compensated for the same, making him the first Indian actor to do so.

9. Rajinikanth supports his friends financially by making them produce some of his films.

10. In the early eighties, Rajinikanth had donated personalized television sets to the Tamil Cinema Stunt Union Members.

11. Rajinikanth reportedly didn’t take any remuneration for his 1978 film Aval Appadithan to help out his friends from the Film Institute.

12. The actor had donated the entire first day collections of his 1997 film Arunachalam to the CM’s Flood Relief Fund 1996, and a sum of 21 lakhs for the Tsunami Relief Fund 2004.