– Rinku Gupta

Singam 3 Eyed By Bollywood

Southern heartthrob Suriya’s Singam 3 is gearing up to release on Replublic day. We hear that the franchise which had been a huge hit in Bollywood as well, has gotten even bigger and racier in the third part of the series.

The buzz around the film is getting bigger each day. While Suriya and his cop look remain intact, there is the combo with his 7aum Arivu co-star Sruthi Hassan that’s new in this sequel. Anushka Shetty is the other heroine who was there in the earlier two parts as well.

Action, aplenty

Singam 3 Eyed By Bollywood

According to producer Gnanavel Raja, the film has a fresh plot and a swanky NRI villain in the form of Thakur Anoop Singh. The villain is meaner and more daunting than ever before, raising the thrill of a fight with Suriya, especially in the climax scenes in the Thalakonam forests.The stunts of the film are supposed to be hi-octane under the supervision of director Hari. “Audiences will see a whole range of stunts, right from car chases to flight chases by Suriya! Singam 3 will be even more racy than the previous two. We can’t reveal more, since it will take away from the suspense!” says Gnanavel.

The movie which has a generous budget has been shot abroad extensively. From the exotic snow clad mountains of Romania where a song has been picturised, to another song in Georgia, the unit has travelled to various terrains. Malaysia is where a large part of the talkie portions have been shot, giving Singam 3 an even more international feel than its predecessors.

With Ajay Devgn having starred in the Hindi remakes earlier, will Singam 3 too be remade soon? Producer Gnanavel is tightlipped but admits, “We are negotiating on the Hindi remake as we have been approached by Bollywood filmmakers. Singam 3 is a fresh script and the Hindi version too will be fresh. It may have a new hero in Hindi, depending on who gets the remake rights from us.”