– Rinku Gupta

Suriya And I Would Eat And Fight Together - Thakur Anoop

Singam 3 is ready to release big with Southern hearthrob Suriya playing the cop to perfection yet again. An added attraction to the franchise will be the formidable new villain THAKUR ANOOP SINGH, the reigning Mr. World 2015 (the World Body Building Championships, physical fitness category). Also a household name thanks to his role as Dhritarashtra on TV, Anoop is all set to debut in Tamil with Singam 3. In a chat with us, the tall and handsome hunk gives us a peek into the gruelling climax scenes with Suriya.

“I play an NRI called Vitthal Prasad, owner of Vitthal Steels,” reveals Anoop. Among the most memorable moments of the entire shoot was the climax fight with Suriya. Not only did Anoop sustain real injuries but also went on a unique diet for the 7 day shoot at the dense Thalakonam forests. He tells us why it was special. Recalls Anoop, “Kannal Kannan was the stunt master. I had to fight with Suriya and I had to do it sporting a bare bodied torso. So every time he threw me down I sustained bruises and scratches on my bare back because it was a forest, full of stones, twigs and branches. So despite the ropes holding me, when I fell, there would be a drag which led to the injuries. I don’t use protective bedding unless it’s for a fall from a height and nor do I use dupes as I want my natural reactions to show on screen. For me, work is worship and I do it with a passion. At the end of the day, I would see the scratches all over my back. But it was the most memorable shoot for me under Hari sir’s direction.”

Suriya And I Would Eat And Fight Together - Thakur Anoop

Since the actor was bare bodied he had to look extremely fit. So he went on a special diet for 7 days. “To perfect the look of a powerful villain opposite Suriya, I only ate few potatoes for breakfast and drank no water to avoid looking bloated. I took only few sips of water when needed, to avoid cramps. To keep up the energy, I would eat few bites of chocolate. I wanted to give my best to the Tamil audiences and fans of Hari sir and Suriya,” he says.

Suriya And I Would Eat And Fight Together - Thakur Anoop

Anoop now shares a special bond with Suriya. “We used to eat together on sets and then fight together on the screen! He has a super fit physique. We would share our diet meals during the shooting of the film. He gave me many tips on the kind of films I should do and knew all about my stint as a pilot and my Mr. World title and achievements. He is one of the most wonderful and grounded persons I have met.”

Honoured in wax

Suriya And I Would Eat And Fight Together - Thakur AnoopThakur Anoop Singh with his wax statue

The Singam 3 villain has one more achievement he’s happy about. His wax replica has recently been installed at the famed Sunil Kandalloor’s Celebrity Wax Museum in Pune. Says Anoop, “Sunil was impressed with my gold medal win at The Mr World championship and wanted to cast me in wax. This is a great honour to join statues of Kapil Dev, Modiji and others at India’s only wax museum. He took six months to carve my wax statue after taking all my measurements and plaster of Paris moulds.”