KALAIARASAN’s film Adhe Kangal produced by CV Kumar is releasing this Friday. In a conversation, the young actor tells us why film is special for him.

This is my first film as a solo hero,”says Kalaiarasan who has done many supporting hero and double hero films so far.” In Adhe Kangal, I have also played a city boy role for the  first time.”

I Play A City Boy For First Time - Kalaiarasan

The trailer reveals that he plays a blind chef. How did he prepare for the role? “I mainly listened to director Rohin Venkatesan’s instructions. I also saw few Tamil and English movies involving visually impaired characters. For the rest, I went with the flow and improvised on the sets,“he reveals. The main inspiration for the role was  blind chef Christina Ha who was the prestigious Master chef winner in 2012. Says Kalaiarasan,”I watched many of Christina’s videos and studied them to get into the character . I play a blind chef owner of a restaurant. So we shot at Double Roti restaurant in Thiruvanmiyur.

The hero is also romancing 2 heroines for the first time, “Janani Iyer and Sshivada both have now become good friends of mine. The comfort level was high between us all which added to the camraderie on screen.

I Play A City Boy For First Time - Kalaiarasan

The actor is now acting in several solo hero films coming up for release. However he will continue to play supporting characters as well, “If the story is good and my character is strong I will do any type of role: hero, negative or supporting.

Ask him about the title and he says,”Eyes play an important role in the film. The title is also an old hit of yesteryears so the director decided to use it.