– Rinku Gupta

Madhavan’s Military Training Brings Realism To Cop Role In Vikram Vedha

The teaser of R Madhavan’s much awaited cop and gangster flick, Vikram Vedha has just released. Directed by husband wife duo Pushkar –Gayathri, the film has Vijay Sethupathi playing the gangster opposite cop Madhavan. Speaking to director Pushkar, we get an insight into how Madhavan’s military training came in handy for the intense cop he plays.

Maddy Vs Vijay Sethupathi

Madhavan’s Military Training Brings Realism To Cop Role In Vikram Vedha

Director Pushkar did a lot of research before writing his characters. “The film is about a tussle between a gangster and a cop. One of the highlights will be the rapid fire dialogues between the two talented performers, which will be a delight to watch. While shooting, we could feel their chemistry. Each of them gave space to the other to say their lines and perform. I was holding my breath while watching them, it was so enthralling. Everything went so smoothly with perfect timing between them. Both are powerhouse performers and we could sense their camaraderie as actors, which contributed greatly to the scenes.

Pushkar adopted a process of rehearsals before shoot, “First we rehearsed with each of them separately. Then we did readings with both Madhavan and vijay Sethupathi together in the first hour on sets before shooting. We don’t believe in over rehearsing because that could make actors plastic and loose their spontaneity. We just caught the emotional arc of each scene during the readings.

Both actors were interested in the why and wherefore of every scene. Reveals Pushkar, “They wanted to know, what happens before the scene, what led towards the incident and what is the motivation behind it. They both believe in going deep into their characters.

Maddy’s miltary flashback

Madhavan’s Military Training Brings Realism To Cop Role In Vikram Vedha

Playing an intense trigger-happy cop in the film, Madhavan got completely into character,especially when wielding his gun. Pushkar notes, “When Madhavan had to fire the gun in many scenes, he handled it like a professional. You know, usually when you fire a gun, your eyes will close at the loud sound of the firing when you pull the trigger. To get the realism, we normally have to train actors not to close their eyes because in real life, cops are trained not to blink. Also, you have to part open your mouth when you fire, to relieve the ear pressure. When we shot the gunfights, I was astounded to see that Madhavan handled the firing gun like a pro! He didn’t shut his eyes even once and he knew that he had to open his mouth that very instant that he fired. That’s because he is used to firing weapons thanks to his military training in his college years. That training is still intact within him and came in very handy, adding realism to our movie.

Appparently, before Madhavan hit the big league as an actor, he joined the National Cadet Corp ( NCC) in college. At 22, he was chosen amongst the best NCC cadets in Maharashtra and was sent with a batch of 7 cadets to England. There he received military training with the Army, Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. It is said that he even considered joining the airforce at one time. Who would have imagined that this training would come in handy for his role in Vikram Vedha decades later.