– Rinku Gupta

As the buzz around Singam 3 hits an all-time high, so does the excitement of its villain, THAKUR ANOOP SINGH. The actor who is debuting in tamil gives us a peek into the world of the baddie who will take on Suriya this time.
I play Vittal Prasad, an NRI  who is half Tamil and half Australian and owner of Vittal steels. When Hari sir first met me in Mumbai he was struck by my body language. My family is descended from Rajput royals and I have also played king Dhritarashtra on TV. So Hari sir found my natural regal body language perfect for the role of the rich, arrogant NRI,“discloses Anoop.

Royal pick For Singam 3!

The actor is excited about the fact that he has dubbed for himself. “Since Vittal is an NRI, my accent suited the role. I spent 13 hours  a day for 3 days dubbing in Chennai,” he says excitedly. For Anoop, the most memorable scenes were when he had to learn a two-page monologue for a scene which he managed to do, after hours of learning the previous night. “Hari sir became so confident that I could pull it off that he kept giving me more lines!“he recalls.

Royal pick For Singam 3!

All praise for Hari, he says, “His energy is inspiring. So is his multi-tasking nature. He won’t waste a single minute on sets. His involvement is total on sets. If something needs fixing he will just go do it himself armed with cello-tape! Seeing his dedication got me even more involved in my work.

According to Anoop, Singam 3 is extremely fast paced, “The action will keep you hooked. If you move your eyes away from  the screen even for a minute you will miss something!“.