– Rinku Gupta

She’s one of the busiest heroines in the South. With her Bairavaa opposite Vijay and Nenu Local with Nani turning huge hits, she is now busy with Suriya’s Thaana Serndha Kootam. She’s one heroine who has fast risen to the top in a short time. Despite a hectic schedule hopping between cities and industries, the pretty and charming KEERTHY SURESH coolly handles it all. We catch up with the busy lady in between her shots.

Keerthy Suresh Steps Out In Disguide To Enjoy Her Day Out

People often forget to see the the toil behind the glamour of stardom. Keerthy fills us in, “The industry may look a glamorous place to be in but its built on professionalism and dedication. Once, two friends of mine came to my sets to watch me shoot. By the end of the day they went back with a whole new insight. They told me,’we thought things are very easy for actors and its all about beautiful locations, glam outfits and looking good! But in reality, it requires lot of patience, effort and hard work!You better take care of yourself.

So does she have a secret formula to handle it all? “There is no success mantra as such but I do make sure of one thing. I know my life is hectic so I make sure I love what I do and enjoy every aspect of it. The mantra I chant is ‘I love my job’. That way it will never be a strain for me,” she smiles.

Her days are literally lived out of suitcases. She gives us a peek, “From October, its been very hectic . From a Hyderabad shoot, I travelled to Chennai and then Sydney for a week. Then back to Chennai and off to Switzerland the same night ! Then to Hyderabad for some patchwork and to Trichy, a few days via Chennai! Its a lot of travel with hardly any breathing space. In between we have costume fittings and dialogues to learn apart from dance rehearsals! But I make sure I enjoy it . I have a policy that I never take any stress personally because that would show on my face. And as an actor, I have to be professional and look good on screen always.

Keerthy Suresh Steps Out In Disguide To Enjoy Her Day Out

Shooting in Telugu means more time spent on dialogue learning, “I like to understand my lines and those of my co-stars as well. Only then will the effect be 100%. So I spend extra time on the dialogues of Nenu Local.

One way Keerthy unwinds to beat the stresses of hopping between industries, is to have some time out for herself. And that’s when we uncover a secret! “I love eating chaat and at roadside eateries! As a known face, I can’t do that so i devised a way to indulge myself without attracting crowds. I did it during Rajini Murugan and still continue doing it. I disguise myself and step out. Wearing a scarf around my head and dark glasses, nobody recognises me and I get to enjoy myself like everyone else!” she grins.