INOX and PVR have announced tha​t​ they are going on strike from today. They protesting against the additional ​​local body entertainment tax levied by by Chennai Corporation in addition to GST. SPI Cinemas will function today and they will make an announcement after consultiong ​with ​Tamil Nadu Theater Owners Association.

​The ​local body entertainment tax for a Tamil movie will be ​10 % while non Tamil Films will be taxed 20%. This has drawn sharp reactions from Bollywood.

In July, the Tamil NaduTheatre Owners Association went on a week long strike protesting additional 30% Entertainment tax levied by State government on top of GST. They withdrew the strike after the government agreed to form committee and discuss the issues

Currently a GST of 28% is charged on tickets priced above 100Rs. With the local entertainment tax component the ticket prices will be pushed up higher. This is indeed a tough time for the film industry reeling under piracy and high production costs