Vijay-Atlee combo strikes again after the successful Theri with an even bigger canvas and huge star cast.

Maran is a Doctor with a noble goal of providing free and effective medical help for the needy. He is known for his service and being awarded for his efforts towards the cause in Paris. In parallel, the people who do the medical service as business are being killed one after another leaving the hands of law clueless. Rathnavel’s (Sathyaraj) investigation points to Maran as the guy who is involved in this crime and thereby leading to Maran’s arrest. Upon interrogation, it is revealed that all the murders were committed by Vetri who is an erstwhile magical wizard and resembles Maran in looks. Interim Daniel Arokiaraj (SJ Suryah) the head of medical mafia chases Maran to revenge the murders of his associates.

All hell breaks loose when both Maran and Vetri comes face to face and cut to flashback where the story of Vetrimaran fondly called as Thalapathy is revealed. How Vetri and Maran are connected to Thalapathy and why Vetri wants to avenge the medical mafia make the rest of the proceedings.

Similar to Atlee’s previous movies, the basic premise is inspired from yesteryear classic. But he makes it watchable with his impeccable command over the making that is rich, grand and the characters with their stylish best. The villain is weak and stereotype, heroines doesn’t have anything to add and just sail through, Sathyaraj and Vadivelu are good. It is Vijay who carries the entire proceedings with his ultra stylish Vetri, modest Maran and the menacing Thalapathy portrayals. He gives it all but is let down by the long narration and predictable screenplay. AR Rahman doesn’t disappoint and all the 4 songs and BGM are top notch. Overall as the saying goes – strictly for fans to enjoy and for others to savor the good things sprinkled over the whole 3 hour fest.