A Quirky And Fun Take On One Side Love That Is Effectively Executed With The Central Characters. Idhayam Murali has a one sided love affair with his college mate Madhu but is unable to muster up courage to propose to her all through their college days. After college, Madhu gets engaged and Idhayam Murali decides to end his life as he couldn’t succeed in his love. His childhood pal Vinoth saves Murali at the last minute with the help of Madhu and another friend and thereby starring an eventful journey that will turn around their lives later.

MeyaadhaMaan is all about the beaten-to-death emotions in Tamil cinema – love, friendship, sister sentiment. But often it is the screenplay of many movies that won our hearts time and again and this movie exactly does that. All the central characters have put up an engaging act and teleport the audience to their world. The simple narration laced with humour through out adds strength. The dialogues (few nice one liners included) match the premise and seamlessly blends with the flow. The pre-interval and climax are effective. The cinematography needs a special mention for the way it is framed in the by lanes of Chennai. Pradeep-Santhosh Narayanan combo hits the right chord with few beautiful numbers. On the flip side, the film takes its own sweet time to establish the characters and the episodes of Madhu eventually falling for Murali lack depth. There is a bit of lag in the second half with a bar song that could have been avoided.

Vaibhav entertains and this film can safely be termed as one of his better performances. He makes Murali believable all the times and emotes the helplessness, restlessness and happiness effectively. Priya is infectious and shines through as Madhu who drives the story. Vivek Prasanna steals it all the way and lifts the proceedings more often. Indhuja is good as Vaibhav’s sister and rocks in the sister song.

Rathna Kumar neatly translates his short film ‘Madhu’ with ample support. Realistic set up and dialogues adds strength to his narration.
A little drag at the second half and a stereotype bar song were the only hardstops. Overall a nice watch 👍👍👍