The Tamil film industry has been facing quite a lot of hurdles in the past few months. The South Indian Film industry went on strike from March 1 against the Digital Service Providers (DSP) QUBE and UFO regarding the exorbitant rates charged by them during film releases. Next, the theatre owners announced a strike against the State Govt, from March 16, demanding that the local body tax be abolished.

With the DSP’s standoff not reaching an amicable decision, the TFPC (Tamilnadu Film Producers Council) decided to stop all cine activity including film shootings, new releases and any cine related events from March 16 onwards.

QUBE Tries To Pacify TFPC: Providers Announce Discounted Tariff

In response to the demands made by TFPC, QUBE providers have come out with an official statement with a revised tariff card. The proposed new discounted rates are carrying close to 18%-23% discount when compared to the old prevalent rates.

Let’s hope the response works out in favour of the TFPC and the tamil audiences alike!