The Madras High Court vacated the stay order on the release of Vijay  Anthony’s ‘Kaali’ sought by William Alexander, Proprietor of Picture Box Company. The stay was vacated following an appeal by the Music Composer-turned-Actor, subject to the condition that the producer and actor deposit Rs. 2 Crore to the credit of the civil suit pending before it.

Alexander who was the distributor of the actor’s ‘Annadurai’ and alleged that the actor, claimed that the film had come out well and sold the distribution rights at a higher price but managed not to show a preview of the film till its release. And the film opened with a moderate collection but was dumped within a week by theatre owners, citing it had failed at the box office.

When the actor was made aware of the issue and the loss incurred by Alexander, he supposedly promised to give the distribution rights of “Kaali” at a lesser price to Alexander. And Alexander paid Rs 50 lakh in advance with an agreement to that effect signed.

However, Due to the delay of the strike, Alexander delayed settling the entire payment, So Fatima Antony and her production housed moved to break the promise and Alexander moved to the High Court.