Kamal Hassan is a man known for his ideals and vision. He has a method and reasoning to his decisions, and is known to experiment on various levels. The versatile actor who has kept away from Brand endorsements so far, has decided to venture into this market. He has signed a deal with Alliance Media and Entertainment Ltd, a well to do and renowned celebrity sourcing and talent management company headed by M D Sunil Doshi. Few of the clients for the company include the Big B, Junior B, Aishwarya Rai ,SRK, Govinda, Priyanka Chopra and the like.But Kamal has a social connotation to this we hear, he said, ‘I look forward to yet another first in my life – that of brand endorsements – and to keep being able to do my bit for society’. The money we get from brand endorsements will go for charitable and socially motivated causes , Sunil says, ‘Kamal has certain plans for his work in social service but is unwilling to rely on external sources of funding those plans. Therefore he feels that endorsements with leading brands that have a strong commitment to society and causes would be an appropriate and independent means of fulfilling his vision. He is known for his ideals and vision and we shall advise him to pick a brand that fits with his values and stature”