Biriyani Review

by Sai Shyam G

A lot is riding on Venkat Prabhu’s ‘Biriyani’ as there are various factors associated with it. Karthi wants ‘Biriyani’ to turn around his fortune, while Venkat Prabhu is back after blockbuster ‘Mankatha’. The movie also marks Yuvan Shankar Raja’s 100th film as a music director. Putting all these big names together, has Venkat Prabhu prepared a tasty ‘Biriyani’? Read on.


The basic plot of ‘Biriyani’ is how two youngsters Sugan (Karthi) and Parasuram (Premji Amaren) get tangled in the murder of business tycoon Varadharajan (Nassar). There are plenty of other characters in the film, that revolve around these central characters.


It is very safe to say that Karthi is back. ‘Biriyani’ is more of a film that suits Karthi’s charm and mannerisms, and he has performed with ease. Although the movie has its share of stunts, it is glad to see there is  no over-heroism for Karthi. Hansika does not have any major scope in the film and Venkat Prabhu should be lauded for not using her in couple of namesake romantic numbers.

Premji Amaren has a very meaty role and he travels with Karthi throughout the film. He is little too predictable in the first half, however, the second half has some moments for him. Mandy Takhar in a very glamorous avatar spices up the things and the screenplay gets going after her entry. Uma Riyaz Khan has a surprising role in the film and she has given a bold performance. Nassar brings his experience to the foreground, while Ramki is good in his comeback film. The rest of the cast including Madhumitha, Jayaprakash, Sampath Raj, Subbu Panchu and Nithin Sathya are adequate in their roles.


The pick of the songs is ‘Ethirthu Nil’ and Yuvan’s background score is terrific during the second half. However, the rest of the songs do not linger on your mind for long. Sakthi Saravanan’s camera work is brilliant, especially in the car chase sequences. He has also maintained a pleasing colour tone throughout the film. Praveen-Srikanth’s editing is crisp and with a running length of just under 2 hours and 30 minutes, the movie does not make you lose patience.

Direction – Venkat Prabhu

Venkat Prabhu is always known for his witty and skilful screenplays. Although the first half does not have so many ‘Venkat Prabhu’ moments, the second half makes up for it. The film takes time to introduce the central characters and establishing them. It would have been better if the first half had lesser scenes of Karthi showing his playboy-ish nature. However, the first half ends with a bang and makes the audience expect more twists in the second half.

Venkat Prabhu builds up on the tempo and comes up with a wholesome package in the second half. The second half provides enough fun for the audience, and there is a surprise for Ajith fans as well. We do not want to reveal that here in the review. Overall, the movie ends on a high!