Veeram Review

by Sai Shyam G

Ajith’s ‘Veeram’ shows Ajith in an all new avatar and he has donned traditional costumes throughout the movie. The movie revolves around him and his four brothers. The movie is directed by Siva, who is known for his mass entertainers. Tamannah plays the leading lady in the film and Devi Sri Prasad has come up with some peppy songs. Has the movie satisfied the fans?


‘Veeram’ revolves around the lives of Vinayagam (Ajith) and his four brothers, who rely on violence for solving any problem. However, they are good at heart and can even risk their lives for the welfare of others. Kopperundevi aka Koppu (Tamannah) and Vinayagam fall for each other, but Koppu does not like violence. When Vinayagam decides to change his lifestyle, he gets to know that Koppu’s family is in a huge danger. What will he do next and will he save her family?


Ajith has a very refreshing look in the film. For people, who wanted to see him in the traditional costumes, this movie is a treat. He definitely gives few goosebumps now and then when he delivers certain punch-lines. It would be great to see Ajith donning such roles in rural set up as it brings a very different dimension of him, when compared to his heavy-duty action films like Billa and Arrambam. Tamannah is back to Tamil cinema after a long time. She fits into the role of a commercial heroine aptly.

Santhanam keeps the audience in splits whenever he appears, and Thambi Ramaiah chips in at times. Vidharth, Munish, Bala and Sohail come as powerful brothers of Ajith and they have done full justice to their roles. Nassar has a meaningful role in the film and Atul Kulkarni as the villain is not menacing enough.


The songs of Devi Sri Prasad look better when watched with the visuals. While ‘Nallavannu Solvaanga’ is a mass intro song that keeps the audience on their toes, ‘Jing Chikka Jing Chikka’ is an energetic folk number. The theme song and the background music used during the fight sequences give the necessary vigour to the proceedings. Cinematography by Vetri is top notch as he has captured Ajith in the best angles possible. The audience go berserk whenever a close-up shot of Ajith is shown. Stunt choreographer Silva must be appreciated for the high intense fight sequences.

Direction – Siva

We have seen in the past that making a commercial entertainer is not easy. Siva has understood what it takes to make a commercial entertainer. Kudos to him for daring to make a film with Ajith in the lead without using guns. The first half provides ample entertainment with Santhanam appearing in many scenes. The emotional content works big time with the audience.

It looks like the director has taken inspiration from Ajith’s real life for few scenes. For instance, there is a particular scene where Ajith gifts a shop to his loyal employee. On the flip side, the second half seems little lengthier than it actually is, due to plenty of fight sequences, following one after the other. However, ‘Veeram’ delivers what it promised – Entertainment.