Thegidi, a crime thriller marks yet another small time director’s foray in to the silver screen  after making short films and winning accolades for the same. An unique  and highligting feature of the movie is that all songs have been shot in montages, which might be the case for tamil cinema in the near future and a welcome one too. The movie is an excellent thriller and the makers have managed to keep the surprise element intact all throughout.


Vetri(Ashok Selvan), a M.A criminology passed out and a bright prospect lands himself a job with a detective agency. He completes his first few assignments of collecting all the data of subjects(people under scrutiny) in flying colours and during the course of his next assignment he meets Janani Iyer, who happens to be the subject. Shortly enough, he finds out that one after another the subjects die in mysterious manner. Parallely, love blossoms between the lead pair and whether will he be able to save Janani from the impending crisis and nail the anonymous and mysterious wrongdoers forms the plot.


Ashok Selvan comes across as impressive through his natural and simple style of acting. The small town guy has put in a lot of effort in to this flick which is evident by the outcome. His portrayal of emotions for differing scenes and modes is well suited to the storyline. Janani Iyer, who happens to be the love interest of Ashok has essayed her role to flawless perfection. The only drawback is that she’s been given very less screen space, even though the entire storyline revolves around her. But this too bypasses the naked eye by means of neat and crisp performances by other co-stars. Especially the character of Nambi, who plays the role of Ashok’s best friend has brought in mild doses of humour and played his role to perfection. Other stars, including the villains and the cop have played their part appropriately.


Nivas Prasana’s music has complimented the theme and story line of the movie aptly. The BGM is catchy and the melody during romantic scenes is commendable as well. The movie has a racy screenplay and Cinematography is neatly done and the locations selected for the same is something to watch out for. Although it could have been better in a few sequences, it is hard to point out any major flaws on the camera work.

Direction – P.Ramesh

Directors who start with short films are showing a lot of promise these days and P.Ramesh is one of the classic examples of the same. Thegidi had all the necessary ingredients that one could ask for with regard to a crime thriller. The narrative, storyline, plot and screenplay has been handled very well and viewers are made to go through several nail biting moments. The unpredictable story line entertains one and all with a right blend of action, humour, romance, thrill and fight sequences.