Kochadaiyaan Trailer Review

Well, its that time of the year where Superstar Rajnikanth’s movie release is around the corner and excitement looms large in all quarters as expected. Kochadaiiyaan is a 3D motion capture computer animated tamil flick which is directed by Soundarya Rajnikanth Ashwin. The movie’s trailer was released today in the presence of various dignitaries from the film world and it aroused a “goosebumps” feel for many of its viewers.

The trailer starts with Rajnikanth’s voice in the backdrop of a picturesque and animated locale, which happens to be some time period of a bygone era. What follows next is high octane action sequences which has been magnificently filmed and gives us an idea on what to expect from this forthcoming Superstar starrer. Rajnikanth has enacted and voiced three lead roles in the film, and his dialogues which challenge the wrongdoers in the trailer seem lethally potent.

Superstar Rajnikanth’s marvellous heroics are then followed by the glamorous looking Deepika Padukone’s mini dance sequences. Deepika looks like an ideal princess to the prince, who happens to be none other than “Thalaivar” himself. Then emerges the terrorising villain in the form of Nassar and Rajnikanth’s trademark punchlines and counters to him are something to watch out for. True to a real warrior’s stylish mannerisms, Rajnikanth flamboyantly goes about finishing the enemies. Cinematography by Rajiv Menon looks highly promising and some of the long distance shots which are shown in the trailer are mesmerising. The film is certain to be a visually enchanting experience for movie goers and something one can just not afford to give a miss. A.R.Rahman’s background score nourishes the trailer with its desired acoustic effect and the songs which were released today are an instant hit already. Experienced campaigner Anthony’s editing of the trailer is highly commendable as it has been executed with surgical precision. (Click here to Watch the Trailer now)

[quote_box_center]Kochadaiyaan’s trailer finishes with Superstar’s trademark “Laugh”, well he will have the last laugh come what may and we all know it![/quote_box_center]