The fight for Superstardom

by Anitha Gokulakrishnan

Over the past few weeks, the Tamil film industry and movie buffs have been witnessing the most ugliest war of words between Ajith and Vijay fans over the Next Superstar issue. A leading Tamil magazine had published that Vijay could very well be the next Superstar as most number of fans voted for him. According to the magazine, Vijay polled 12,80,300 votes and Ajith came close with 12,17,650. The rest of the other stars were far behind, according to this poll.

Then came the news that it was Ajith who had actually won the polls, but Vijay’s name was put forward for various reasons. It was said that Ajith would be reluctant to accept such titles and hence Vijay’s name was propelled. Here started the war of words between the fans of the respective stars to the point of using filthy language on the social networking space.

So, what is all this hype and hoopla for the title ‘Next Superstar,’ one wonders. In reality, the true meaning of a Superstar is that a celeb; associated with the entertainment industry or sports, is referred as such if he excels in his field of work, has a great fan following, and enjoys a huge fan-base. In fact, the dictionary meaning of the term ‘Superstar’ reads thus: “a star (as in sports or the movies) who is considered extremely talented, has great public appeal, and can usually command a high salary.”

Well, the demarcation is clearly between an actor and Superstar. But it is clearly evident that there can be many Superstars in Kollywood. With several such talented stars out there in Kollywood, this title is suitable not only for Ajith or Vijay but to all who have made a mark; be it Suriya, Vishal, Vikram, Dhanush, etc. For that matter, even the two icons of Tamil cinema, the fans of the late MGR and Sivaji Ganesan never fought over such trivial issues as titles.

Despite all this explanation, it would be difficult for hardcore Tamil film buffs to handover the ‘Superstar’ mantle to anyone but Rajinikanth! The one and only Superstar, that he is and will always be!