Sathuranga Vettai Review

by Sai Shyam G

Sathuranga Vettai made heads turn with its powerful dialogues in the teaser few weeks ago. Following it, when the news came out that Lingusamy’s Thirrupathi Brothers banner will be distributing the film, expectations went several notches higher. In Tamil films, when there is an unwritten rule that the protagonist must be a good samaritan, very few film-makers break the shackles and first time filmmaker H Vinoth has done it with this film. With a lesser known cast, has the movie lived up to the hype? Read on.


Gandhi Babu (Natraj) plays a con man, who can mint money at will by deceiving people via various means such as MLM activities, Emu scam etc. What will happen when he is ripped off completely and also when his life is put at stake along with his wife’s life? Watch the movie to know the answer.


Natraj fits in the role of a con man to a T. His street smart character is infectious and few minutes into the movie, you might forget to care about logic and believe that he can come out of any difficult situation. Watch out for his confident speech during ‘Rice Pulling’ scene, he showcases how con men go about their jobs. Apart from cinematography, Natraj has a bright future as an actor too if right scripts come his way. He has scope to improve in romantic scenes, which are few in this movie.

Ishara Nair with the typical girl next door image, scores with her innocence. She has good scope in the second half with few moving scenes, and she has come out unscathed. The supporting cast including Ponvannan and Ilavararu are good in their respective roles.


Music is scored by the latest sensation Sean Roldan and his background score is a huge advantage for the film. While his score in the first half is racy, the second half requires him to be on the melodramatic side, and he obliges gleefully. Cinematography by Venkatesh is functional, while Raja Sethupathi has kept the movie mostly engaging, barring few initial scenes in the second half. With a running time of less than 2.5 hours, the movie does not lag much.

Direction – H Vinoth

Newcomer H Vinoth has made an impressive debut, considering the way he has travelled the lesser known path. He has made his presence felt throughout and there are plenty of symbolic representations in the movie. For instance, it is shown wonderfully how a headlines today, will be forgotten soon and becomes a trivial news in few weeks. Towards the end, a poetic scene shows how the protagonist is left alone with a huge pile of money, while couple of people walk away from him. The flashback in the animated form is very attractive, and Natraj’s voice modulation commands applause during the sequence.

Dialogues like ‘Money can never become a cliche’ and ‘Nidhi irundha podhum, needhi eh easy eh vaangalam’ and ‘Emara thayara irundhavangaluku’oru chance kuduthan’ stand out. The intelligence and swift actions of the protagonist drive the film, making it a racy affair. On the flip side, it looks like the love angle is little forced, as it blossoms between the lead pair in just a song. There are few logical loopholes too, but there are also messages for the innocent people to stay away from con men.