Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam Review

by Sai Shyam G

When every other director boasts that his movie has a ‘never before seen script’ in Tamil cinema, here comes a veteran who promoted his movie by stating that the movie does not have a story. Yes, Parthiban’s Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam does break the grammar of regular filmmaking style to a large extent. The movie does end during the climax (borrowing one of Parthiban’s witty dialogues from the film), but remains as a fun filled and unpredictable ride until then.


Well, when director has revealed that the movie has no story, can there be a plot for the movie? It is rather an abstract one revolving around a bunch of aspiring filmmakers, led by Thamizh (Santhosh Prathap). Akhila Kishore (Daksha), wife of Thamizh, is another prominent character in the film. I am giving up my attempt on revealing the plot here. The movie revolves around these people and also a bunch of other interesting characters. Watch it for yourself to find more about the plot (It’s pretty tough to convey).


Almost all the central characters, barring Thambi Ramaiah are newbies. Sanothosh Prathap has the matured look of a person who is juggling between various issues and struggling to become a director. Vijay Ram as Murali keeps the screenplay lively with his uber-cool attitude and dialogues. Akhila Kishore has performed brilliantly, both in the intense sequences and when being romantic as well. Suchitra has lent her voice for Akhila’s role and her voice acting has a major role to play in bringing up the character so well.

Thambi Ramaiah is seen almost throughout the film, and he has a lively screen presence. This is probably one of the few movies in which his potential has been utilized properly. He is towering in a particular scene when he bursts out his anger for not being able to become a director. Arya and Amala Paul appear for few vital scenes in the second half, while Vishal, Prakash Raj, Vijay Sethupathi, Taapsee, Cheran and UTV Dhananjayan appear in short cameo acts. The major advantage is that none of these characters look out of place in the film and they have all been used optimally.


Among songs, ‘Kathil Kathai Irukku’ stand out, while the background score fits the bill. Cinematography by Rajarathinam is good with colourful interior shots. It would have been most challenging for editor Sudharsan to bring what Parthiban envisioned on to the screens. But, he is right on the money. The first half is completely hilarious and entertaining, while the second half gets into a serious tone towards the end.

Direction – Parthiban

First of all, this movie is a must watch for everyone who wants to take up filmmaking as a career. The problems that would be faced by an aspiring director is shown as realistic as possible, sans any melodrama. The fickle-minded nature of the leading lady is beautifully and poetically portrayed. When the protagonist explains that he can’t marry her until he becomes a director and settles down, she says ‘Adhu varaikum naan unna kalyanam pannikaran, nee settle aanadhuku apram nee enna kalyanam panniko’. However, after an intense scene, she feels insecure about her life’s path and she abandons him and goes. How better can a director showcase the varying mood swings of the leading lady?

The dialogues are witty, quirky, relatable and to the point. Parthiban has not shied away from mocking at the current trend in Tamil cinema, in a lighter vein though. There is a dialogue in the film which says ‘Indha producer publicity eh padatha vida perusa pannuvaru’. Thambi Ramaiah takes a dig at the common mentality of the filmmakers, who play safe with the usual template. Not to forget, the director has appreciated the sensibilities of the audience and also highlighted the importance of social media platforms in the current scenario. Parthiban has also kept a symbolic daring scene in the film, against our neighbour nation.

On the flip side, the second half isn’t as entertaining as the first half, which could be because of the sudden change in the mood of the film. However, overlooking certain flaws like this, the movie is definitely worth watching for Parthiban’s one man show behind the camera.

Written by Sai Shyam G |