I Teaser Review

by Sai Shyam G

Vikram’s teaser, which was released yesterday night, has created a huge buzz in the online space and it has crossed 1 million views within 12 hours, which is a remarkable achievement indeed. Check out the top 5 highlights of the teaser:

1. Vikram

Vikram is the spearhead of this film and he will be seen in few unbelievable get-ups including a beast and a disfigured person. Special credits to the make up artists and Vikram for pulling off these get-ups convincingly.

2. Shankar

When Shankar came up with Enthiran in 2010, people were wondering if he could ever come up with a more technically sound film. And, he has answered us with I. The visuals look stunning and the screenplay is expected to have many twists and turns.

3. AR Rahman

Music director AR Rahman’s pulsating music lifts the intensity of the scenes and his choice of instruments is very interesting too.

4. PC Sreeram

PC Sreeram’s cinematography is enchanting and especially, the rainbow song looks delightful to watch. The fight sequences also look promising.

5. Special Effects

It is understandable why took this long to be completed. Extensive amount of special effects is involved in the making, and few of them from the teaser look breathtaking.


With legendary names like Vikram, Shankar, AR Rahman and PC Sreeram involved in I, we can expect the film to set a new benchmark in Indian cinema.

Written by Sai Shyam G |