Vanavarayan Vallavarayan Review

by Sai Shyam G

Director Rajamohan received fairly decent appreciation for his debut film Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum as it had a novel plot. However, his latest offering Vanavarayan Vallavarayan has nothing working for it, literally. What has gone wrong in the film? Read on.


The movie has two main themes – a bromantic track between siblings Vanavarayan (Kreshna) and Vallavarayan (Ma Ka Pa Anand), and a romantic track between Vanavarayan and Anjali (Monal Gajjar). When both these tracks converge along with their families, all hell breaks loose.


After giving two convincing performances in Kazhugu and Yaamirukka Bayame, Kreshna has struggled to fit into this happy go lucky semi-urban character. He goes overboard at times when delivering dialogues and his comical scenes haven’t worked out as much as one would have liked. Ma Ka Pa Anand has miles to go before he can pass muster in feature films. He lacks variation in expressions and even his dance moves fall flat. With such a mundane script and the lead actors struggling to do justice to their roles, one is likely to lose interest in the movie at the very beginning.

Monal Gajjar looks pretty in song sequences, and that is all that her confused role lets her do. Her character has been sketched very wearily and lacks clarity. The movie has few seasoned artists like Thambi Ramaiah, Kovai Sarala and Jayaprakash, but sadly none of them could save the movie from falling apart. If at all someone entertains you in the movie, it is Santhanam, who has made a cameo performance in 3 scenes. He has a dialogue in the film ‘Main role panna vendiya enna guest role panna vechiteenga’ and I couldn’t agree more.


Yuvan Shankar Raja is yet to find back his midas touch and this film too vouches for it. The songs and background score are jarring at most times, and lack any soul. Palanikumar’s cinematography is appealing during song sequences, but otherwise is very average. Kishore TE’s editing is disappointing, as the movie’s narration tests the audience’s patience. The first half definitely needs trimming by at least 15 minutes, which could reduce the damage.

Direction – Rajamohan

To begin with, director Rajamohan has come up with a script which could have found its audience couple of decades ago. I wonder how many more films will show a leading lady falling for her man, who is rich, jobless, pervertish and what not. The dialogue by the hero which impresses the heroine, is perhaps the weakest love proposal I have come across in Tamil films. Not stopping at that, the entire first half wanders with random bromance and romance, and the conflict is introduced only during the intermission. But, by that time, hardly anyone is interested in the film anymore.

The movie is replete with cheap adult jokes and double entendres. Sadly, even Thambi Ramaiah and Kovai Sarala are made to mouth a few of them. Sowcar Janaki has made to preach about the importance of physical intimacy to her grandson (with his lover) and the ordeals keep coming up. Is it mandatory in every film to belittle a ‘not so beautiful woman’ by making her turn in slow motion and show her as ugly as possible? If at all the makers think that we would be anticipating a beautiful face to turn up, they are wrong. Aren’t we tired of this cheap trick?

The second half does have some brainless light-hearted funny moments, but they do not manage to impress much.

Written by Sai Shyam G |