Komban Review

Too many hurdles for Komban’s release over the past few days and finally the film made it to the silver screens with the High Court Division Bench dismissing the interim stay on its release. After all the hoopla created by vested interests, we need to point out there is nothing offensive in the film whatsoever.


Kombaiah Pandian (Karthi), based at a village, leads a rustic life engaging in petty fights. He gets married to Lakshmi Menon but life turns topsy-turvy as he and his father-in-law, Raj Kiran are at loggerheads always. Eventually, Lakshmi Menon leaves Karthi after a petty quarrel between the father-in-law and son-in-law turns into an ugly fight. In the mean time, Karthi hears from Karunas that Raj Kiran is in danger as the villains are waiting to murder him. What is the reason behind the baddies wanting to kill Raj Kiran? And will Karthi be able to save him? This forms the story of Komban.


The role Kombaiah Pandian is tailor-made for Karthi. Teasing and taunting comes naturally to him and his body language in scenes he is at loggerheads with Raj Kiran proves it beyond doubt. Lakshmi Menon’s simple and elegant looks makes her a perfect fit for the role she essays. Versatile and veteran actor Raj Kiran simply dominates with his powerful screen presence. He has lived the role indeed! Karunas does manage to tickle the funny bones in some scenes.


GV Prakash is no doubt one of the best music directors that Kollywood has today. He is very selective about his assignments and this proves why he chose to compose the tunes for Komban. All the songs go in to the simply superb category. Velraj’s camera work is a big strength and being a controversial film, kudos to Praveen KL for coming out with a good edit.


Director M Muthiah has come out with a native subject without too many flaws. The screenplay could’ve been racier and tauter though. Incidentally, there is no strong reason for the baddies wanting to kill Raj Kiran. Apart from these factors, Komban is a watchable fare.

Makes the viewers wonder why all this hoopla by the politicians over a film that has nothing controversial.