Two is a couple, three is a crowd. Before tasting success, these Tamil actors were just one in the crowd. Non-descript and uncredited. 

by Angeline Sajini

1. Trisha in Jodi

Been there, done that.

Standing behind your pretty friend (Heroine- Simran), watching the popular guy (Hero – Prashanth) making googly eyes at her. Trisha does look bored and mildly annoyed just like you.

2. Siddharth in Kannathil Muthamittal

Being an Assistant director is tough, you are made to do everything. But sometimes it’s an audition for your breakout role.

Blink and Miss

3. AndreaJeremiah in Kanda naal muthal

I know almost no one waits in the theatre for the credits to roll. If you did, you would have caught her pretty face on screen a lot sooner.

4. Mirchi Shiva in 12 B

Hugely popular for his sarcastic straight-faced humour, Shiva is just one of the guys in Shaam’s office. Nothing hot here machi.

Blink and Miss

5. Vimal in Gilli

Before he became the Kalavani, he was one of Vijay’s Kabaddi buddies

6. Ajith’s first screen appearance

This was hardest for me to believe. Thala in school boy’s uniform, hair cut short, wooing his classmate. Must watch.

7. Shaam

A movie cliché. Hero or heroine goes everywhere – temple, mall, park, beach… with a gang. Another friend in the back ground, Shaam.

8. Karthi in Ayutha Ezhuthu

Points if you can spot Karthi. Have you found him yet? If not, he is the guy sitting next to Siddharth on the cot. Can’t believe? Me too.

Blink and Miss

9. R Madhavan in Is Raat Ki Subah Nahi 

Just one question. Why Maddy Why??

10. Gautham Menon

All of us would have seen him making the token appearance in his movies. Here, he is just another AD standing in the crowd.