Vikram plays the Tamil version of Transporter in a role that he could sleepwalk in, if not for his screen presence and some unanticipated humour; we would have walked out of this in 10 seconds…

Catherine Gilon

10 Endrathukulla Movie Review

Right there in the beginning when Vikram enters the screen, we are shown a poorly shot VFX stunt. It makes us miss even the ‘not so similar’ body doubles from the past. Having established how good a ‘Transporter’ Vikram is, the director moves on to show us the ‘innocent’ heroine who doesn’t have a driving bone in her body.  Ever since Genelia’s Bommarillu, we have seen the dumb = innocent = attractive heroine a hundred times and honestly, we wish the directors meet some real women before penning a script. Yes, Samantha is supposed to shock us later but again, there isn’t much screen time for the ‘dominant’ character to create the required impact.

Despite its flaws, the film works in parts thanks to casual humour (especially the sequences involving  Pasupathi) and few interesting plot knots. If only, they had chucked the song sequences that literally drain us, toned down the unbelievable stunts and build a better premise for the caste chaos sequence, we would have had a blockbuster in our hand.  It is a pity, the storyline would have easily worked if Milton had delivered his ‘Goli Soda’ kind of film-making but here, the ride just loses its fizz right in the beginning.

Vikram just manages to pull this one out of the tunnel but it needs more than just a good driver to make it to the winning post.