On her birthday, we recount five instances when Trisha floored us with her irresistible charm…

By Mani Prabhu

Abhi in Abhiyum Naanum


When sensible characterizations of the daughter-father bond were a rarity, Trisha’s sprightly portrayal of Abhi definitely came across as a whiff of fresh air in Radha Mohan’s Abhiyum Naanum. Trisha brings alive the pampered, yet independent girl of an over-possessive dad with surprising spontaneity scene after scene, right from her teenage till the age she becomes mature enough to choose her own life partner.  Trisha as Abhi is extremely lovable, sensitive, caring, individualistic and obviously a little spoilt, but very resolute about what she wants in life. From the way she argues with her dad to part with his shirt in the middle of the road to the manner she pushes hard to convince her dad about her life decision, we see not Trisha but the girl-next-door, someone who is clear in her ideals and stands by them till the end.

Jessie in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya


Gautham Menon probably gifts Trisha the ‘character’ of her career with Jessie – the lovable, capricious girl who turns out to be more complex than what she projects on the outside. Hailing from a conservative Malayali Christian family, Jessie is literally a bundle of contradictions – a staggering mix of conservatism and free-spirit. She is more shocked than excited, when she finds out that the boy down-stairs is irreversibly smitten on her. While her lover, Karthik,  treats love just like an over-enthusiastic debutante director trying to carve his first film – reckless, dreamy and eager to make a difference, Jessie treats it like a first year college kid being forced to have a joint – curious, resistant and apprehensive. But then, she likes to think of herself as someone who listens to the brain more than the heart. One moment, she seems stubbornly in love and the very next, she appears to be a very different person, torn between her dreams and the reality. Trisha in VTV, aces these contradictions without going overboard with any of the extremities.

Meera in Ayudha Ezhuthu


Trisha’s role in Mani Ratnam’s Ayutha Ezhuthu might not be one of her meatier ones, but she nevertheless impresses with her charming portrayal of the ‘Gen Y’girl, who lets her instincts have the final say in her apparently unreasonable decisions. Meera is bold, sultry and doesn’t hesitate to wear her sensuousness on her sleeve. She is unapologetic of her choices, standing by them resolutely, till the very end. She had said ‘Yes’ to an arranged marriage, but that doesn’t stop her from following her heart when she goes out to meet Arjun for a coffee date. She seems to be irreversibly smitten by him, but would she call off her high-profile alliance for this impulsive attraction? Would she go all the way to convince Arjun not to leave the country and fight for her? Trisha plays Meera brilliantly by delicately balancing her bubbly ‘devil-may-care-attitude’ with her painful indecisiveness. Many a times, it seems like she is living her swag on-screen, so much so that it becomes difficult to gauge how much of Meera she is actually being and not playing!

Mallika in Thoongavanam


In probably the first of her career, Trisha plays a stylish cop in Thoongavanam, Kamal Haasan’s remake of the French film ‘Sleepless Nights’. Sporting a completely different make-over with pale skin and thick eyelashes, Trisha as Mallika. literally walks and kicks through the film, dressed in a single black and white suit. Strong, valiant and never in a mood to accept defeat, Mallika gives us quite some moments of action and thrills in her pursuit of the protagonist over a single night.  A lot of brawling happens. Gun shots are exchanged. The unnerving techno music provides the electrifying mood. But Mallika is no super-cop. Things get messy. You just have to watch her riotous action sequence with Haasan happening in the hotel kitchen to get the intensity of her performance!

Hemanika in Yennai Arindhaal


‘Dignified’ is not a word we very often use to describe our mainstream lead-ladies, but with Hemanika, Gautham Vasudev Menon yet again imbues his female lead with loads of ‘like’ability and dignity in Yennai Arindhaal.  And Trisha, for her part, lifts his writing several notches higher with her instant charm and controlled restraint. Take for instance, the scene where Sathyadev proposes to the hesitant Hemanika, who is just recovering from a failed marriage, Trisha is in total control of the game. She seems to have her apprehensions, but she never comes across the damsel in distress – the kind that would need saving.  When Sathya tells her his long-term plans, we could sense the mixed emotions in her face. Here was a girl who badly wanted to start all-over again, but simply couldn’t bring herself to! As Sathya brings her six year old daughter, Isha, and asks the little girl for her mom’s hand in marriage, the look on Trisha’s face says it all. All it takes is a talented film-maker to get the magic out.

We at iFlickz, while wishing the Kollywood’s dream girl a splendid birthday, sincerely wish that the she gets to do more such terrific roles in the near future.